Elementary Science Fair Dates

2022-2023 Science Fair Details:

  • Work on Science Fair projects for 3-5th grades begins SEPTEMBER 12th

  • Projects Nailed down, hypothesis written, research started by SEPTEMBER 17th

  • Testing, data collection, results gathered, completed and written by SEPTEMBER 30th

  • Science Fair presentations completed and assembled for judging by OCTOBER 5th

  • Fair on OCTOBER 6th

From Mrs. Johnson

We are continuing what we started last year and incorporating science fair into our Bronco Time Math time.

All students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will be doing a project. Partner projects are allowed, but participation must be coordinated by students and their parents during non-school hours. Due to the nature of my classroom, we are not able to conduct experiments or work on our science fair projects beyond the research. All experimentation and testing needs to be done at home on the student's time. In addition, while it is mandatory for students to do a project, it is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY for students to enter their projects into the fair.

Due to the size of the fair, the school will consider purchasing presentation boards if there is a dire need, but we ask that the parents supply as much as they can for the project and its presentation.

Thank you to all you parents who help your students create awesome projects! I know they learn a lot and I'm sure they love spending that time with you!