Project 2

Microsoft Word and Health

Kindergarten Learning Targets

Kindergartners will continue learning about the mouse and keyboard.
-Students will hold a mouse with the "bunny ears" hold. -Students will type their name -Students will use technology to learn about eating healthy

1st Grade Learning Targets

The 1st graders will be typing sentences with their spelling words. -Students will use one space between words in a sentence.
-Students will type sentences correctly with one space between words, the punctuation mark right after the last letter, and pressing enter after each sentence.
-Students will delete specific words in a paragraph. -Students will use technology to learn about eating healthy.

2nd Grade Learning Targets

During this unit, 2nd grade learns a few skills in Microsoft Word, but the main focus is learning their home row keys and typing correctly. -Students will highlight text to change the font. -Students will use the backspace/delete key to delete words and highlight to delete whole lines. -Students will how how to hold their hands on the home row keys.

3rd Grade Learning Targets

In 3rd grade we learn more about individual skills instead of making a project. -Students will type a paragraph without clicking enter. -Students will highlight text to change the color and font. -Students will use spell check to correct spelling errors. -Students will use the cut, copy and paste tools.

4th Grade Learning Targets

Formatting a Paragraph written in class -Students will use the tab key to correctly indent a paragraph.
-Students will use correct keyboarding skills while typing a paragraph. -Students will use multiple methods to insert pictures. -Students will add a border to their page.

5th Grade Learning Targets

The Best Part of Me! -Students will take and edit pictures on an iPad -Students will insert shapes, pictures and text boxes.